From The Chairman's Desk

It gives me immense pleasure to see the school bearing the fruits of its hard work in a short span of time, I wish to see our students walking ahead in this educationally backward Malwa region of Punjab, where quality education was a long awaited dream. The eco friendly environment with all modern amenities and modern infrastructure will surely bring out the best of our students. We facilitate all to be unconstrained, non confirming, to traditional routes and history, in order to be creative. I have seen little fluttering wings become sweeping movements and my elation is well combined with pride when I wish, all the best to the students, teachers and the administration team for their efforts.

Rakesh Gupta

From The Vice-Chairman's Desk

The transition from one state of mind to another can be quite difficult, only clarity of goal and right approach make the journey simpler. It is well said that “A journey of thousand miles starts with a single step” provided that single step taken in correction direction. Hope the team AIS reaches its greatest heights with the hard work and efforts put in together by students, teachers , parents and the management.

Rajiv Mangla

From The Director's Desk

“Education is the mother of leadership”. We inculcate of high moral fiber, a spirit of enquiry, scientific, temper, patriotic sentiments and national pride in our students to give them the competitive edge to become the conscientious leaders of tomorrow. To empower our students with the cognitive skills require to keep pace with evolving trends, we aim to our students to be self-reliant in their decisions responsive to change in the environment and circumstances, develop the capability of taking calculated risk whenever required, manage complexity be self-directed creative, even curious and sound in reasoning.

Parmod Arora