Welcome To Aryabhatta

Aryabhatta International School is one of the best CBSE School in Barnala. There are mainly 4 Boards in India namely, CBSE, ICSE, State Boards and IB. AIS is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, (CBSE) New Delhi.

We are providing education up to Senior Secondary classes in Non Medical, Medical Commerce and Arts Streams.

PRIMARY SCHOOL: (Playway – Class 5)

Vindicating Swami Vivekananda's Words that "Education is the manifestation of perfection in man". In our Endeavour to create perfect men & women, In the formative years of a child's life the school brings in a curriculum relevant to the changing needs of the society, where the communication plays a higher role.

Number of academic & non-academic activities provides lateral and logical thinking amongst the tiny tots and builds them tough to face higher curriculum year after year. The emphasis on spoken English skills of a child prepares him/her future ready for the international approach.

MIDDLE SCHOOL: (Class 6 – Class 8)

Creativity and careful nurturing goes a long way in opening the flood gates in an individual in quest of success. So the middle area of the school plays important role and the child has to bridge the gap between what they learnt and what they are going to learn in future.

So independent working, group discussion working with some tech savvy gadgets, participation of students in various competition, participation in Maths, English Olympiads and many more. The Students here are prepared to face the curriculum of the senior school level.

SECONDARY SCHOOL: (Class 9 – Class 10)

In our firm commitment in nourishing the underlying talent in each and every learner we introduced target setting and holistic reporting involving the next generation students to be all-rounder's is the soul motto of AIS.

The school gives its students much awaited exposure in the field of model making, extempore speeches, debates organized by Sahodyas and by the CBSE from time to time. The platform provided to the students to bring about the best in them, helps them to survive in the era of cut throat competition.

SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL: (Class 11 – Class 12)

In our school we have four Streams for the students that can raise the standard of students to make a carrier.

These Streams are Medical , Non-Medical, Commerce and Arts. We provide special classes with expert guidance for Engineering and Medical entrance examination and other competitive exams like NTSE/NSO/IMO/IEO etc.

We believe as a team we are the force with which the school will move ahead towards the Zenith of success, recognition and glory.