Our Mission & Statement

    • At The Aryabhatta Internation School, we endeavour to sustain a happy, stable, safeand orderly environnment in which children are educated and developed to their full potential.
    • We provide pupils with first hand experiences in order to make the work stimulating and meaningfull. This will encourage a positive and enthusiastic approach to work.
    • We aim to develop independence, co-operation and self motivation in our pupils.
    • We endeavour to foster good relationships between school, home and the community.
    • As we believe that childen learn best in an environment fee from prejudice, we actively encourage respect for and understanding of all cultures and faiths within the school and wider community.
    • We aim to offer equality of opportunity for all pupils.
    • We value our children and their opinions and encourage this caring attitude throughout the school.
    • Children learn best when their efforts are recognized, resulting in a sense of worth and achievement.