School Principal

There is no dearth of educational institutions, but at Aryabhatta International School, we provide our students the education which helps them to excel not only in their professional aspirations, but also to become good citizens of the nation. We help our students to know, how to maintain balance in difficult situations of life. We teach them how to bounce back if they fall and how to learn from their and others mistakes. We help our students to believe in the theory, “Fall but like a tennis ball so that when you bounce back, you bounce back twice or thrice.”

Education should provide meaningful and relevant experiences that parallel those found in everyday life.

Aryabhatta International School has become a sign of success and quality education. In its inception year we have got more than 500 students which show parents expectations and faith in us. We, the team of AIS is also working very hard to rise upto the expectations of the parents. We always try to give our students more than we promised. Our motto “Unlock Your Child’s Inborn Quality” in itself explains the mission and environment of the school and commitment of our team. At AIS we provide education that believes in all round development of the students. We believe that every student should excel in each and every facet of education. At AIS, every child is in comfort zone with fully Air conditioned Class Rooms, with excellent furniture and Smart Boards. Here at AIS, best of the co-curricular activities are also provided to students like football, table tennis, cricket, power hockey, dance, music and theatre. We proudly say that we are the second school in Punjab that has 3-D lab for students. It helps the students to understand various subjects in full details.

Education is most effective when the learner is actively engaged in the learning process.

To help our students to nurture into strong and responsible human beings we follow “Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation” system introduced by CBSE, from very beginning. It helps the students to study without any stress. We, the team of AIS set our goals very high and then we give our 100% to attain our goals. I proudly say that for my teachers “Teaching is a Passion, not a Profession.”

Education should encourage in students a desire for life- long learning.

We not only provide quality education to our students but also provide them “Career Counseling Sessions” and “Communication Skills Sessions” time to time which are conducted by best experts from the country. We believe that education should foster independent thinking to encourage creativity, thoughtful decision making, critical analysis, and appreciation and understanding of differences in opinion. Every child of Aryabhatta International School is a gem and we are very sure that in the coming years they will make our country proud of them.