Some message to parents for student’s better future

An alliance of mutual understanding and cooperation is vital especially in primary education set up. At The Aryabhatta School, we work with the parents for the child’s welfare, as we firmly believe that this is a shared objective and a collective effort.

Parents are encouraged to be frank in providing us information about the child’s previous records and behavioral concerns, if any. This will enable us to provide the required support system and guidance to help the child.

The school and the parents have a complementary role and must work together as a team. Our mission is to engage the parents in a collaborative effort to meet the school’s disciplinary objectives keeping in mind the child’s best interest.

The school maintains an open communication system with the parents and children. We have formed a ‘MOTHERS’ FORUM’ wherein mothers can discus their child’s problem or teachers’ complaints. The active members of this forum then take the matter further to management and an immediate solution is offered .The Aryabhatta School prides itself in being accessible to children and parents and welcomes a dialogue in matters of concern. The rationale behind our system of communication is that we justify the confidence parents have placed in us by sending their child to Aryabhatta School.