Extra Curricular Activities

At Aryabhatta International School, we have synthesized the skills of the CBSE board curriculum with the content of the Indian syllabi. This combination will help to develop a ‘global child’. Our skill oriented curriculum focuses on the development of the whole child through the use of various learning materials and offers a dynamic individualized learning environment to meet the needs of each student. Aryabhatta curriculum caters to the developing mind of the child. This curriculum is so designed as to take the children away from the boredom of the blackboards and introduce them to a world of interet, video, CD and TV.

Student are taught by a well trained qualified teachers supported by CBSE Board renowned teaching assistants. We have prepared our own schedule wherein students are taught with targeted approach field trips and experimenting in class-rooms is a regular feature of our studies. This pursuit of excellence extends beyond the classroom. On the sports field and across our huge range of culture and leisure activities, every child has endless opportunities to discover his/her individual talents and is encouraged to set and pursue his/her personal goals. The basic aim is to develop the child in all aspect of desposiotion, attitude, self-confidence and self-control. Our methodology is to make the edication stress free, all the while preparing them for a bright future.

The Aryabhatta School stives hard to make learning a pleasent exprerience for the child.