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Dance is art form that required a balance of mind, body and soul.It not merely a means of recreation but a discipline and in today’s times a well established profession with various streams like performers, artists, choreographers, university professors or dance teachers, to name a few. In order to give our blooming buds a taste of this awe-inspiring art form and open their options, we at AIS have a state of the art Dance Studio. The Studio is well-lit and well-ventilated having digital 5.1 surround sound stereo system with life- sized mirrors so that the students may grasp instruction of every movement and gain confidence as they would watch themselves learning and growing as a dancer, each time they are infront of the mirror. Regular dance lessons are planned on weekly basis for all children from primary till higher secondary in order to provide a platform for growth to all the students. Under the able guidance of Mrs. Aditi, the students of AIS of all classes have presented some marvellous and astounding performances which left the audience stunned with their moves. Hence, we at AIS ensure that the infrastructure of the Dance Studio is upgraded with latest facilities from time to time.